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Bowls and Drinkers

Cat bowl and drinkers

Cat bowls and waterers are utensils to acquire before adopting a cat. In these receptacles, the master serves food to the cat when it is hungry and water to enable it to quench its thirst. 

The bowls are ideal for dry, wet and raw frozen foods (RAW Feeding). Also, for castrated cats for example, who need to drink a lot of water, a drinker is essential in order to prevent them from having a urinary calculus. 

The different criteria for choosing a bowl for cats

The cat bowl is a piece of equipment to be chosen with care. Indeed, there are a multitude of criteria that must be taken into account before making a final choice of container for cat food. These include the size of the bowl, its grip on the ground, and the bowl's ability to curb your cat's voracious appetite.  

The size of the cat bowl

The size of the bowl is very important when it comes to choosing a bowl for your cat. This choice should be closely related to the size of your feline. If it is small, it will easily accommodate a stainless steel kennel bowl for animals, from the manufacturer Maslow. On the other hand, from the top of its tens of centimeters, your British Shorthair will have fun enjoying its croquettes in a double raised bowl double raised bowl with Iris brand storage box. A Bergan Raised Double Cat Bowl is also an excellent choice for him. For the well-being of your dogs, the brand markets an animal feed dispenser with a filling tower. 

The grip and anti-gluttony function of cat bowls

Grip to the ground is a prime criterion for cat bowls. Indeed, when your cat is mischievous and cannot stand still, it is preferable to acquire a non-slip stainless steel cat bowl with relief. Your feline will not be able to move it or play with it.

The other factor, no less important, is the anti-greedy function of the bowl . This is a criterion to prioritize especially when your cat is too focused on food. So consider purchasing a stainless steel gourmet cat slowing bowl or an automatic and programmable food dispenser from Le Bistro Aspen Pet. Like this, his daily ration is very well controlled. 

Also discover the interactive Aikou brand bowl, useful for training your kitten and why not, your gluttonous cat. Your greedy cat could thus practice something other than eating. This type of bowl helps to hide food. The cat who wants to binge on it will have to work its brain (intellectual activity) and move a lot (physical activity). 

The volume of the cat food container

There are cat food containers that can hold a large volume of food. This is the case, for example, with the 6 kg (13 lb) Stefanplast food container capable of storing a large quantity of food for your cat. It is a choice of accessories to favor during your outings.

If you have a kennel you can get a Hunter stainless steel boiler without hook or with animal hook. Hanging from a fence, it is an ideal container for large dogs. 

There are many other selection criteria such as manufacturing materials, shape, color, etc.

Cat drinkers, bottles and boilers

A cat drinker is essential for feeding your feline every day. Here you have a multitude of drinker offers.

Prefer the petmate Fresh flow waterer for cats with a capacity of 108 oz, highly aesthetic, simple and practical. You can also buy a drinker for animals, The Replendish of the same brand. For your outings with your cat, you can take a Dexas Snack-Duo bottle for animals with you. Also choose the 48 oz Transportable Dog or Cat Bowl, for Outward hound food or water. The Outdoor Dog cat drinker is also a great transportation choice.   

Some drinkers are said to be gravity-fed and are very popular with cats. A final type of drinker that we can recommend is the simple cat water fountain. This is one of the cat favorites especially, the 360 ​​Animal Fountain, Drinkwell you can equip with 360 filters - 3 / pack, Drinkwell. The filter has the ability to remove water, drunk by your cat, dirt, impurities and bacteria from dust in particular. Some Petsafe brand water fountains are electronic, silent and have a refresh function. 


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