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Choosing a cat cage has become a headache for the vast majority of cat owners. This choice is all the more important when planning a trip by train, plane or car. So, it is a means of transport perfectly suited for long and short distance trips which are likely to stress your cat. This is for the safety of the cat itself and the passengers. Discover the criteria that can guide you in choosing your cat cage. 

What is the use of a cat cage

A cat crate is a space, usually enclosed, that keeps your cat safe. It is, without a doubt, the safety accessory you must have to make your trips much easier. Moreover, there is a legal obligation which obliges all cat owners to equip themselves with a cage before going to a veterinarian .

In addition, a cat cage is an excellent tool that promotes the smooth running of training sessions for you and for the cat . There are two cage models that you can purchase for your cat.

The different types of cat cage

Choosing a cat crate depends on the type of activity you want to do with your cat.

Classic cat cages

Classic cat cages are models of cages that you can use for moving your feline or for training. Indeed, if you have just adopted your cat, it may be time to get into training so that he does not take up dirty habits. 

Cat enclosure

The enclosures are cages, but less airtight, which can contain a time, or little the agitation and whining of your cat . In a specially equipped enclosure, you have the opportunity to train and educate your cat (s). Wherever you go, you just need to take out your enclosure, put them in and control them from where you are.

The different materials of cat cages

Basically, cat cages are made of two materials.

Metal cat cages

These are the most recommended when you want to go on an excursion with your cat. For this, order a regular pet cage. It is made of wire mesh and designed with two entrance doors each equipped with a safety latch . Due to its material of manufacture, it presents a certain resistance to attempts to open .

The same is true of the metal enclosures used to train kittens and teach them how to behave. The Folding Dog and Cat Enclosure for Training and Breeder is an excellent choice for you to make him do what you want.

Fabric cat enclosures

Fabric cat pens are popular models for their flexibility and ease of installation. They often have a top panel and a removable bottom .

This is the case of the One For Pets folding fabric cage, easy to fold into four and transportable everywhere. It is a color model in the middle of which your kittens will frolic and indulge in their favorite games . The advantage is that you can install it indoors as well as outdoors.

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