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Dog cage and enclosure

Cage, enclosure, barrier… How to choose a good bed for your dog ? This necessarily requires a criterion that dominates the rest : the animal must find the safe and above all pleasant. In this article, we'll help you actually discover your sleeping needs by sifting through the benefits of each.

The cage or the enclosure : what use for dogs ?

For many, using a cage or enclosure for dogs is an unpleasant act because they mistake it for confinement of the animal. Yet it is an idea that is proving to be very effective for the education and safety of your pet.

In fact, choosing the cage or the dog enclosure avoids the risk of accident for your companion . As you know, the puppy runs around, going in all directions and nibbles everything. The design of an official bed can calm his ardor, and he can also easily consider it as his refuge when his master is not there. You will need to provide him with a quality cage or enclosure that has a large space relative to your dog's size so that he does not feel in a " prison ". He must move freely. What is the idea ?

He must use this place as a means of prevention and security. It is around his 2 years that he can acquire the maturity required to remain alone without any risk. Likewise, an adult dog can stay in a cage, especially at times when it needs to be channeled to calm its tensions. So the role of a cage or enclosure is not limited to a feeling of security.

Between cage, enclosure and barrier, what to choose for your dog ?

It is true that the cage, the pen and the dog fence all ensure the safety of the dogs. But, anyway, each of these dog accessories has its advantages and cannot be chosen ex nihilo. It is according to the needs that the choice is defined by itself.

The dog crate

By choosing a cage , this gives you the ability to control the movements of your four-legged friend. Puppies often have the soul of explorers . They want to see everything and understand everything. In short, they are very curious. Whereas when you are busy it is difficult for you to control your furball and then the problems start. He can create destruction, a cleanliness accident, an accident with a child ... He can be injured or easily lose his life. Sad ! It is precisely to avoid these kinds of scenarios that the masters today use cages. The dog enclosure Your animal needs to stretch its legs and be freer in their different movements. While the floor space with a cage is often smaller than that of a pen. The enclosure therefore offers your dog the freedom he deserves. By having a pen, you can put destructive dogs there. They need to be supervised so that they don't repeat the same mistakes that may irritate you. Also, people who are often afraid of dogs will be able to visit you in peace because the enclosure allows your animal not to frighten them. This device can be used outdoors as well as indoors.

Dog gate

The dog gate aims to protect the space your dog lives in by limiting his own space in your home. This can be to secure your home or to protect your children. It is an easy to install device with the openings, the pressure indicator, a comfortable and solid bit for a quick and light opening.

In addition, it is important to choose a device in metal or fabric . The first, for example, can speed up toilet training in a puppy. And the second, meanwhile, is light and can be transported easily. The comfort and safety of our canine friends also depends on a good choice of their cage or their enclosure.

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