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Pets grooming school and dog training

Anyone with a dog or cat in the home knows that grooming is essential for their pets. Some are so passionate about animals that they would go out of their way to take care of them all the time. This is indeed the case with dog and cat groomers, who spend all day taking care of and pampering these animals. But, grooming is not just about making them look good, but also protecting them from certain diseases and dangers by cleaning them. These groomers undergo specific training to be able to exercise their profession, which requires unique technical skills and behavioral skills. We offer you to describe the profession of dog and cat groomer, and we tell you all about the training followed at the dog and cat grooming school. A grooming school is a school to follow a diploma course of 1 to 2 years, to become a professional groomer. There are indeed several scissor grooming courses within the school, but the most chosen and most widely used are necessarily professional courses, which offer comprehensive training, combining animal aesthetics and animal care of all kinds. They can also train for other much more specific professions, still in the field of animals.

What are the different training courses offered by animal grooming schools?

As explained previously, grooming schools offer different complete grooming courses, among which we can cite: Pro animal trainer training, pro auxiliary animal health training, pro groomer training, pro dog and feline breeder training, pro pet sitter training, pro educator training canine, specialized dog grooming school diploma, or the behavioral educator school diploma for dogs and cats. All these trainings are given by professionals in the field, with concrete examples, and practical work which allows to develop the know-how of future dog and cat groomers. You should also know that several training courses intersect in terms of knowledge and technical skills, which makes the diploma, whatever the course chosen, quite versatile. Some subjects are studied by all branches, while others are very specific, and lead to a specific profession.

What do you learn in animal grooming school?

The subjects taught at the grooming school are very varied and relate to the chosen diploma or training. Certain subjects provide a comprehensive view of contact with dogs and cats, their anatomy, the environment in which they operate, courses in the sale of services and services, or even grooming techniques. The other subjects are much more technical, and follow the chosen initial training. An internship in a company may also be compulsory for certain training courses, which increases the technicality and skills of the future groomer.

Becoming a professional groomer doesn’t just require practice or experience with animals. This is the direct result of a training or diploma which usually lasts 1 to 2 years, with a lot of learning and practice exercises. If you are passionate about animals, don't hesitate to sign up for the training that best suits your ambition.

Also we have obedience classes for dogs.

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