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Equipment of a grooming student

Becoming a professional groomer is a job that many people dream of, especially lovers of animals such as cats and dogs. Being in the company of animals throughout the day attracts more and more people every day. But this job requires training or a diploma usually spanning 2 years, which introduces students to grooming training, while teaching them the inner workings of the trade.

The grooming student therefore needs a professional who will guide him, teach him all the technical and behavioral skills that he will use when he graduates, but also he will make sure to always have the necessary tools to exercise. its functions as a set of student grooming equipment. We present to you all the equipment that a grooming student must have in his possession to be properly trained.


First and foremost, the tool that groomers cannot do without is the trimmer. The same is true with grooming students who learn how to handle the different types of clippers, know their uses and use them on many different breeds. Often based on hands-on training, the trimmer is still the # 1 piece of equipment a student grooming must have in their possession, which can be found in a set of student grooming equipment.

The scissors

Good grooming is worthless without the use of a good pair of scissors. Indeed, the precision of the scissors is unmatched when grooming animals, especially during hair removal. It is therefore essential for a grooming student to have a pair of scissors to be able to arrange the cuts he performs.

The comb

Brushing the hair of dogs and cats is part of the pet grooming steps. So the minimum a grooming student can have in their possession. He will thus be able to learn how to properly handle the comb during grooming, but also to know the type of comb to use for each operation.

Nail clippers

Another tool that a grooming student must have is the nail clipper. Knowing how to gently handle an animal's legs and cut its nails is a fairly difficult practice which requires regular practice and delicate training. This act of hygiene is one of the first that a student learns during his training.

Grooming loop

You would say the grooming loop  is not a basic requirement for a grooming student, but you'd be wrong. Having a collar allows the student to tie up any animal during the different stages of grooming, or even move it conveniently from one place to another. All you have to do is choose the right collar suitable for the animal, which does not tighten it too much around the neck, or on the contrary, too loose.

Grooming dryer

It is known that grooming animals also includes bathing and drying the animal. A grooming student should have a dryer so that they can dry the animals off after bathing, so they don't catch a cold or wet the entire space. Dryers are thus adapted to animals, thus making it possible to regulate the temperature and are quieter so as not to frighten the animals. A grooming student must take the right training for him, learn techniques for caring for animals, but must also have a certain number of equipment, essential for the missions for which he will be responsible. Several sets or kits for student grooming are available, such as: START grooming equipment set, ADVANCED grooming equipment set, EXPERT grooming equipment set.

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