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Thanks to the ThunderCap, the anxious or stressed dog can feel calmer by wearing the mask or cape for the eyes.The goal is to make the vision more blurred which calms the animal, because its eyes are less stimulated by the surrounding actions which could stress it. For example, during claw clipping, the dog is stressed only at the sight of the claw clipper, so when the mask is worn over the eyes, the dog does not pay attention to the arrival of the claw clipper, so the chance of a good claw clipping is much higher.

Soothe dog anxiety with ThunderCap Eye Mask

ThunderCap pour calmer
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The ThunderCap eye mask has been designed to reduce the dog's visual stimulation, so the dog still sees through it but the visual stimulation is reduced allowing the dog to remain calm. The dog can see through the mask for dog anxiety, but the vision is blurred to reduce anxiety. The dog can walk around in the environment with the ThunderCap for Dog. The Thundercap is an eye cap that was invented to help control anxiety and nervousness in dogs. The Thundercap can be used in occasions of stress and nervousness for the dog such as visits to the vet, when cutting claws at home or for professional claw clipping, car rides, etc. The mask that reduces the dogs vision to make them calmer is made of soft fabric with an elastic band for a good and comfortable fit. ThunderCap Size XS= Circumference 3 to 6 inches eye to neck distance 2.5 to 5 inches (backwards) S= Circumference 5 to 8 inches Distance between eyes and neck 5 to 9 inches (backwards) M= Circumference 7 to 10 inches Distance between eyes and neck 7 to 12 inches (backwards) L= Circumference 9 to 12 inches Distance between eyes and neck 9 to 16 inches (backwards)
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