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This water-free shampoo is designed to thoroughly clean your dog's coat. No more fear of water, so you can keep your dog clean and fresh.

SKU: TC869011

5568 Berry No-rinse Shampoo for Dogs, Tropiclean


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Tropiclean berry shampoo for dogs is a no-rinse shampoo for dogs that cleans deep down while leaving your dog’s coat fresh. Can be used between baths to keep your pet clean at all times with a naturally fruity scent. Raspberry and mango help restore their natural moisture balance while coconut and aloe cleanse and deodorize. Simply apply the mousse to the animal’s coat, gently massage with your hands to penetrate and let it evaporate. Brushing can be even more effective. Ingredients: purified water, mild cleanser, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, odor neutralizer, organic mixture of (white plum extract, cucumber extract, cultivated oats. 7.4 oz (220 ml) size

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