Grooming bath

A grooming bath is an essential tool for pet groomers. It allows you to deeply clean the animal's coat, removing dirt, debris and excess sebum. This helps maintain the cleanliness and health of the pet's skin and coat. A dog bath prepares the animal for the following stages of grooming, such as brushing, clipping and cutting. A clean, well-groomed coat is easier for the groomer to work with.Using a steel grooming bathwith the right products, allows rapid and effective elimination of fleas and all other parasites that prevent the animal from feeling healthy and being able to grow as it should.

A regular grooming bath provides a multitude of benefits, both physical and mental, for your pet. It helps maintain healthy skin and a clean, silky coat, while eliminating dirt, allergens and parasites. Additionally, the grooming bath promotes blood circulation and can be a calming experience, reducing stress in the animal. This activity can be a relaxing experience for the pet, especially if combined with gentle massage and caring handling from the groomer. This contributes to the pet's overall well-being and may even reduce their stress levels during grooming.