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Clipper for grooming

Dog and cat clippers

Taking care of your pets is a necessity, not only to make them look good, but also for their health and well-being. Indeed, some practices may have only an aesthetic end, without necessarily realizing their positive aspect on the health of your animals.

The beginnings of grooming often require an animal clipper

Grooming is the first practice that comes to mind when discussing the subject of animals. It involves taking care of your pets, cleaning them and pampering them for quality hygiene, for them as for their owners. Apart from cleaning them with products adapted to their breeds, clipping them is also very important in their grooming process.

Choosing the most suitable clipper for your cat or dog is essential.

By taking the aesthetic aspect into consideration, shearing allows the animal to highlight the distinctive points of its morphology. For his health and well-being, mowing helps to avoid parasites that lodge in his coat. Thus, to allow complete grooming, it is essential to have a quality clipper. But, how do you choose the right mower for your cat or dog?

The answer to this question is simple. Your pet needs a clipper that meets his needs. It is therefore necessary to take into consideration all the characteristics mentioned above. It is therefore important to think about the breed of the animal, with its personal touch when it comes to brushing. Each mower has different distinguishing features, including weight, power, mode of use and price. You should also choose a mower that is not likely to injure the dog or cat, even if they move during the mowing period, which lasts for each animal.

Because everyone has a specific hair type, dogs and cats don't have the same hair type. So, to be able to decide to buy a clipper for your pet, do not hesitate to know the type of his hair in order to make your job easier during the grooming operation.

As for the timing, the choice of frequency depends mainly on the aesthetic side, but it is recommended to shorten the animal's hair in order to maintain hygiene and so that the hair does not interfere with its daily activities. His health and well-being above all!

When it comes to the comparison between grooming pets clipper

The differences are quickly made. For hobbyists and masters without proper training, it is best to opt for a semi-professional mower that is light and easy to use. On the other hand, people with a grooming salon often use professional, powerful and often much heavier clippers for delicate handling. This type of mower is less easy to find on the market than the first category. The professional animal clippers most commonly used by groomers are: Andis, Wahl, Heiniger and Oster.

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