Collars, Harnesses and Leashes

Cat collars and harnesses are both must-have accessories when traveling or controlling your cat’s movements . Both have definite advantages. For your cat who loves walks, you can finally make up your mind or, failing that, bring both.

A cat collar for what ? The cat collar is originally a fashion accessory to make it more beautiful and give it a special look. Even today, with a blue necklace with precious stones for cats, Li’l Pals, we can see that the situation has not changed. A luminous type leash from the same brand would go well with such a collar. However, the necklace is used for more than to embellish your feline.

In fact, by choosing to put a collar around your pet’s neck, you make sure to control his movements wherever you are and to walk in complete safety . Attempts to escape, especially when there are too many people, are thus limited. In addition, the risks of crushing and theft of your cat are greatly avoided.