It goes from diet to activity through health and training. Indeed, a dog must be well fed. If it is a domestic dog, it must have water at all times. Also, the basis of its food is meat. However, other foods can be combined with meat making it an omnivore. The main thing in dog food is that it be rich in protein. When it comes to activity, a dog needs to play, work and get outside so that it doesn't feel lonely. Thus, he must either have a space like a garden to stay there as long as he wants or go out 4 times a day for an activity-filled walk. Otherwise, he may experience a long stagnation of his urine in his bladder which can cause him to have UTIs. In terms of health, any hunting, working or companion dog must have a health record as well as documents that justify that its vaccines were taken correctly. A dog should also be well trained and be rewarded every time he behaves well.

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