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Pets hair stripping

Hair stripping from animals

Grooming is considered essential for every dog, regardless of breed. It is true that it encompasses a set of methods to take care of your dog, and one of them is undoubtedly hair removal.

Hair removal for dogs is not a practice session or a game, it is necessary to give unparalleled importance to this practice. Dogs often need their hair to protect themselves from the external factors they face, including cold, falls, or attacking other animals. However, be aware that hair removal in dogs is only to remove the dead undercoat, which distorts the animal's style and can also disturb it, especially on the eyes and legs. But don't worry above all! Hair removal in dogs doesn't hurt them if done right. So you have to find the right professional who can properly take care of your dog and pamper him.

What are the types of hair removal in dogs?

There are two main categories of hair removal in dogs : stripping and trimming. For the first epilation, it involves removing all of the covering hairs, often with scissors or a tweezing or thinning knife. The dog keeps only the undercoat, usually very short and soft to the touch. This strips the dog completely naked, making him fragile in the face of temperature changes and humidity. It is therefore not advisable to use this method of hair removal, despite its ease.

Trimming, on the other hand, consists of plucking the top layer of the dog's hair, which is useless and makes him unsightly and which can also be dangerous for him. This technique requires advanced technical skills in dog grooming and especially to be flexible in the hand with an animal hair removal stone. Despite the great experience it takes to be able to be performed on dogs, timming therefore remains the only method that truly protects the dog and retains the beauty of its hair, while taking its physiognomy into account.

What are the essential tips for successful dog hair removal?

Dog hair removal does not necessarily require professional dog grooming experience, but it is still preferable to have a professional do it. First, it is recommended to epilate the dog in the direction of the hair to avoid a few abrupt movements of the animal, but also to follow a certain rhythm to which the dog gets used. In addition, it is best to move from one area to another in a consistent manner to avoid emphasizing too much on one area or neglecting another. The ears are also an important part of waxing with animal tweezers. Another essential point to take into account when waxing is to use suitable equipment, the length of which is adapted to the area to be waxed, but also to the length of the hairs. You can use for example thinning scissors for areas that are too sensitive, and notched scissors to connect between areas with long hairs and areas with short hairs. You can also use a depilatory powder for the hairs which gives grip to your fingers during the epilation.

You will understand that waxing a dog is no small task, but it is not an impossible task either. The person just needs to be experienced enough, while using the right tools to do it.

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