Cages and pens

In fact, choosing the cage or the dog enclosure avoids the risk of accident for your companion . As you know, the puppy runs around, going in all directions and nibbles everything. The design of an official bed can calm his ardor, and he can also easily consider it as his refuge when his master is not there. You will need to provide him with a quality cage or enclosure that has a large space relative to your dog’s size so that he does not feel in a ” prison “. He must move freely. What is the idea ?

He must use this place as a means of prevention and security. It is around his 2 years that he can acquire the maturity required to remain alone without any risk. Likewise, an adult dog can stay in a cage, especially at times when it needs to be channeled to calm its tensions. So the role of a cage or enclosure is not limited to a feeling of security.