Bags and Transport

cat carrier bag is a practical accessory that allows cat owners to travel with their pets by car, TGV, plane or boat. Likewise, for visits to the veterinarian, the owner is obliged to acquire a cat carrier bag. Ditto for family outings or to the park. However, your choice will depend on the shape and size of your cat and the type of movement you wish to make.
For your short trips, you can make do with a soft material transport bag such as the Sherpa Deluxe Dog and Cat Carrier. If you have to travel a short distance by car , choose a Solvit cat Car Seat or if that’s right for you a Wahl Waterproof Pet Car Seat Cover.
Transport bags made of rigid material are, on the other hand, suitable for long-distance travel . Your cat will feel right at home in a bag like the Sky Kennel Petmate Rigid Carrier.