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Groomer clothing

Clothing worn by groomers

The job of a dog and cat groomer does not necessarily mean working in a grooming salon and knowing how to use a few tools to take care of animals. It is true that dog and cat owners demand precise cuts, specific methods and irregular frequencies. However, grooming is much more than an art, as it follows specific rules, learned through training for around 2 years at a grooming school. Grooming dogs and cats thus brings together all the practices used to make the animal beautiful and aesthetic, but also to ensure its cleanliness by cleaning it. The groomer must therefore respect standards of cleanliness within the salon or the place of his work. He must therefore wear clothing specific to his profession which protects him from any external elements and also protects animals.

The clothes of the groomers are not numerous, on the contrary. However, they meet the cleanliness requirements for groomers as well as dogs and cats.

 Grooming smocks are the ultimate groomer clothes.

The smocks or blouse are the first clothes that groomers wear when performing their duties. This is a light, often unisex, jacket that is worn as a top. Usually made from a fine, but durable fabric that is breathable and dries quickly. Several fabrics for grooming smocks and blouse are recommended having these characteristics, in particular polyamide. This fabric does not crease and does not let animal hair get through. In addition, the touch of the gown must imperatively be gentle on the animals and especially not attack them. The grooming pants are also very practical to reduce the itching during grooming.

Grooming bath apron

The apron is also an essential garment for groomers during their activity. It is best to opt for a waterproof grooming apron specially designed for grooming dogs and cats. Usually made of polyester and polyurethane, these two fabrics are suitable for the dogs and cats you care for.

The tool belt for the groomer

 It is known that a groomer uses several tools when working with dogs and cats. Between scissors of different sizes, clippers and combs, there are times when the groomer feels cluttered with all the equipment he uses for virtually every operation. The ideal solution for keeping all tools close and in order is the tool skirt. It is usually worn around the waist with several pockets that contain all of the tools the groomer uses to care for dogs and cats.

Thus, it turns out that the profession of groomer requires standards of cleanliness and specific dress standards for people who take care of animals. The clothes they should wear when performing their duties should be light and soft, but also waterproof to properly care for dogs and cats without harming them. It is also important to keep the hands and forearms clean, while cleaning the grooming space, whether in the salon or at home.

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