Health and care

Cats who spend time outdoors are often exposed to fleas and ticks, as well as other parasites. It is therefore important to take measures to protect them against these ticks and fleas that go on cats. Use products specially designed for cats to protect them against fleas and ticks. There are pipettes, collars, and other topical treatments available over the counter or by prescription from your veterinarian. Be sure to follow the application instructions to ensure product effectiveness and your cat's safety.

Talk to your veterinarian about flea and tick treatment for your cat, taking into account their lifestyle, environment and general health. Your veterinarian can recommend the best products and practices to protect your cat against parasites.

The good health of your cat must take into account the regular intake of Probiotic for older cats, Novanimal 100g and dewormers such as the Dewormer for My Healthy Pet 30 capsules from Holistic Blend. These two products contribute to the good health of your cat's digestive system and intestines. Treatments for your cat's good health. When your cat refuses to submit to any oral grooming ritual, you must ensure that it receives dental care from its veterinarian. This is the least you can do to avoid any dental problems in the future.If your cat suffers from malnutrition, you can serve him Bio Vites for animals, 400 g., BiologicVet. A regular dose of 400g over 50 days and your cat will be more vigorous than ever. It is a complementary source of vitamins and nutrients. For much more in-depth care, you must take your cat to the veterinarian to do the tests and apply the appropriate treatment..

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