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Fleas and mites are small insects that can cause a lot of inconvenience to dogs and cats. These parasites can bite and sting, causing itching and irritation. Additionally, fleas and mites can also transmit diseases to pets. Fortunately, there are a number of products that can help ward off these unwanted critters. Flea and mite repellents come in different forms: powders, sprays and flea and moth collars for dogs and cats. Some products are designed to be applied directly to pets, while others are intended for use around the home. Whatever type of product anti-fleas and moths for dogs and cats that you choose, be sure to read the label carefully to make sure it is safe for your pet.

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Two-format Wahl tick tweezers


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Wahl Tweezers to remove a tick from your pet’s skin safely for you. Set of 2 tick tweezers

2 different sizes for different tick sizes.

When removing a tick, you slide the Wahl tweezer under the tick and rotate it until the tick comes off.

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Weight0.2 kg
TYPE DE SOINSAnti-puces et mites


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