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Advantage II Anti fleas for kittens under 2.3 Kg, 4 doses



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Be sure to read the Kitten Use Guide carefully before applying to your pet, as Advantage Kitten product should be used with care following the manufacturer’s strict guidelines.

Advantage II is a liquid pest control product that comes in a tube, a monthly tube should be applied, for kitten 8 weeks or older weighing less than 2.3Kg,
the application must be done at the level of the top of the neck on the skin directly by spreading the hairs, to have access to the skin directly. The product should be applied in such a way that the kitten is not able to lick the area where the product has been applied (see manufacturer’s instructions).

Make sure that the product corresponds to the weight of the kitten to be treated.

Bayer Advantage Flea Killer eliminates fleas within two hours of application and remains effective for up to four weeks. It also prevents flea eggs and larvae from developing into the next stage of their life cycle, thus continuing to protect the animal against flea infestations as well.
Prevention and application advice for households with several animals.

1. Cats must be separated from other treated animals for a minimum of 12 hours, so that other animals do not ingest the flea product which has not yet dried on the treated kitten.
2. Keep your kitten away from furniture and hardwood floors until Advantage II has dried.
4. Use Advantage II only on your pet’s skin. Never give it orally.
5. Always be present the hours following the first use.
6. Never use 2 flea products at the same time.
7. Poisonous product if ingested.

Advantage II is a reportable product, if reaction 1-888-noflea6 (1-888-663-5326)


L’Advantage II un anti puces pour chaton.
Lorsqu’il y a infestation de puces, cela peut rendre votre chaton très inconfortable de plus, lui causer des démangeaisons et de l’irritation pouvant même entrainer des problèmes de santé.
L’Advantage II se présente sous forme de gouttes topiques pour chaton de moins de 2.3Kg, conçue et dosée en fonction du poids de l’animal. L’anti puces pour chaton est nocif lorsqu’ingéré, donc le chaton ne doit pas être capable de lécher le produit et de même pour les autres animaux de la maison.
Ce produit antiparasitaire ne doit pas être utilisé sur des chatons de moins de 8 semaines.
Il est préférable de faire un bilan santé avant l’application.

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