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The fabric dog or cat cage, equipped with a folding door, in which a dog or other animal can be kept temporarily. The dog crate is often used as a potty training tool for dogs and puppies because dogs naturally prefer not to soil the space that serves as their den. When used properly, the dog or cat crate can provide pets with a sense of security and safety. It can also be a valuable tool for dog owners who work long hours or travel frequently. However, the crate must be used appropriately for the dogs to enjoy it. Dogs should not be left in their crate for long periods of time as this can lead to boredom, anxiety, and other behavioral issues. When used correctly, the cage the dog and cat cage can offer them and their owners a number of advantages.

SKU: Cage pliante en tissu pour animaux, bleu et gris, Bergan

Folding fabric cage for animals, blue and gray, Bergan

(4 customer reviews)

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A folding fabric dog or cat crate has a hinged frame that allows you to set it up quickly and easily. It has a fleece cushion that is washable. Outdoor plastic pegs are provided. It has lockable zippers to prevent escape. A travel bag is included.

Medium: For pets up to 40lbs (18.1kg)

Length: 30″
Width: 20″
Height: 19″

Large: For pets up to 70lbs (31.7kg)

Length: 36″
Width: 23″
Height: 23″

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4 reviews for Cage pliante en tissu pour animaux, bleu et gris, Bergan

  1. Françoise La franboise

    Très pratique

    Je fais du camping et j’adore cette cage. Quand mon chien est tanné des moustiques, je le mets dans la cage et il peut dormir sans se soucier des maringouins.

  2. Alan

    My dog likes

    I have a yard that is in the sun and when it’s very hot and has a lot of mosquitoes, my dog doesn’t want to go out. I bought this crate because I wanted my dog to be able to enjoy the outdoors and it worked. It is comfortable there because there is a cushion and a little shelter from the sun.

  3. Adèle Poirier


    J’adore cette cage et je l’a trouve très pratique à mon camping. Je l’ai installé dans un coin à l’ombre et quand ma chienne est tannée du soleil, elle va s’y cacher. J’ai ajouté un lit pour qu’elle soit encore plus confortable.

  4. Patrick Croteau

    My dog loves it

    My dog seems to like it a lot. He takes all his naps there in the countryside. Its cushion is good not to feel too much the rocks on the ground and it is washable. that’s great.

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