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The hair removal stone for dogs and cats is a revolutionary product designed to make hair removal easy and painless. It uses a unique curved surface that easily conforms to your pet's head and ears, allowing for quick and efficient hair removal. The hair removal stone for dogs and cats penetrates all the delicate places of your pet's fur, effortlessly removing dead hair and leaving them feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! Not only does it reduce hair loss around the home, but it also increases their comfort and well-being by eliminating annoying itching and irritation. This stripping-stone allows a Quick and easy hair removal, perfect for busy pet parents who need a quick grooming solution, as well as owners who just want to bond with their furry companion.

SKU: 01545

Hair removal stone for animals, metal stripping, Gain Grooming 13 mm


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The metal hair removal stone for dogs and cats from Gain Grooming facilitates manual hair removal in animals. Particularly suitable for hard-haired breeds for perfect and above all painless hair removal. This stone is used on sensitive areas such as the head, ears. This tool is the accessory you need to remove dead hair to ventilate your pet’s skin.

Features :

– 13 mm metal stone
– Black faux leather storage case

Additional information

Weight0.4 kg
Dimensions3 × 19 × 8 cm
Code barre01545


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