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Cat trees, also known as cat gyms or cat climbers, are large structures made of wood and fabric that provide cats with a place to play, jump and climb. Most cat trees also include a small hiding place for the cat and rope or sisal for scratching. The cat tree is very popular with cats and their owners for many reasons. Cats like to climb and explore, and a cat tree gives them a safe place to do so. Cat trees also provide cats with a place to exercise, which is important for their health and well-being. Also, the cat tree can help protect your furniture from scratches and give your cat a sense of security and belonging.

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Cat tree 60X40X111cm


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This cat tree has 4 perches for resting. There are 3 which are platforms and the other is a high bed. This cat tree allows your kitty to climb, play and scratch on the jute rope posts. It is made of quilted fabric so that your cat is comfortable in it. It is perfect for one or more cats.

Its dimension is 60x40x111cm – 24x16x44″

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Weight11 kg
Dimensions65 × 25 × 45 cm
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