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The Beginnings of Andis compagny

ndis Company traces its roots back to the early 1920s when Mathew Andis, who was working at Mitchell Motor Car Company in Racine, Wisconsin, USA as a tool maker, decided to leave and start his own business. John Oster and Henry Meltzer came to his home and asked to be partners, and Andis O M Manufacturing was born. Their venture grew quickly and soon their tool and die company had been contracted to make tooling to produce clipper blades for a hand operated non-motorized hair clipper. This partnership, however, only lasted about a year. When the three split, each started his own company in Racine. Andis quickly developed the Andis electric clipper and began Andis Clipper Company, that official incorporated in 1922, and eventually evolved into the Andis Company of today.

Andis' main competitive advantage

was that the Andis Clipper was smaller, faster and delivered a higher performance than other clippers available at the time. This clipper was the first generation of today's Master Clipper, which is still one of Andis' most popular models. Production began in the basement of the Andis family home, with the entire family helping to assemble the clippers. Mathew sold them door-to-door to barbershops in Racine and the surrounding area. With barbers across the United States quickly embracing the new Andis Clipper, the company needed more manufacturing space. Initially, Andis rented space in an industrial building, but because of increased growth, the company needed to move again, this time to a new factory building with 16,000 square feet.

What lies ahead at Andis?

Andis intends to continue to innovate with new products, to listen to what their markets want, bring real value to all their markets and, quite simply, to supply products that make people look and feel better. The fourth generation has developed a strategic planning process that is a way of life, and that is guiding the company to its vision while remaining true to its legacy and roots.

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