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Cat carrier bag

cat carrier bag is a practical accessory that allows cat owners to travel with their pets by car, TGV, plane or boat. Likewise, for visits to the veterinarian, the owner is obliged to acquire a cat carrier bag. Ditto for family outings or to the park. However, your choice will depend on the shape and size of your cat and the type of movement you wish to make.

What is the use of a carrier bag for cats ? 

The cat is an animal with an unpredictable character. He is easily irritable, and his deep, feline nature could arise at any moment. So if you are planning to go to an assembly or a crowded public place , it is highly recommended that you get a cat carrier bag. It is a precaution that helps protect you and those around you as well as the cat itself. Indeed, if he panics near a highway, he could be run over and worse, the public health services could tear him away. 

The different types of carrier bags

There are several types of carrier bags for cats. The choice is personal and depending on the amenities you are looking for for your cat and for yourself. 

The backpack and shoulder strap for cats

A cat carrier backpack for cats is a great choice of carrier bag for your pet. With this type of bag, the risk of running away is zero percent, with your pet constantly next to you. It is a comfortable enough accessory to make the trip pleasant for you and for your cat. Thus, from his position, he will have the leisure to observe his immediate environment. One thing is certain, he will feel a lot safer around you and not panic.

Besides, it is certainly that same comfort that he will experience when you buy a cat sling bag for him. Made with a shoulder strap and a handle , the shoulder bag allows easy transport of your cat. The latter is closed there with a zipper. He may even, if he feels comfortable there, doze off. Discover here the One For Pets pet carrier dome or the cat carrier Cat carrier bag sling, Outward hound. 

The stroller bag for cats

The Happy Trails Lite No Zip Pet Stroller Bag (6 Small Wheels) or Skyline Pet Gear Skyline Pet Stroller Bag (3 Large Wheels) are cat transportation that makes it easy for you to get around.

First of all, a stroller bag is perfectly suited when you have an injured aging or suffering from rheumatism or osteoarthritis cat . When he is disabled for life, this choice of means of transport for your walks for two is necessarily the most informed decision there is. Likewise, for older people with back and joint problems , pulling on a leash can be tiring. Under these conditions, a cat stroller bag is obviously a good investment.  

In this well ventilated stroller , your cat has control over his immediate environment, which will have the benefit of reassuring him. In addition, you can take it everywhere without having to leave it with a neighbor. Strollers are often fitted with a cover that will protect your cat from snow, wind or rain. 

Cat bag

The cat bag looks like the shoulder bag, except that it is usually equipped with handles above and a safety half-closure such as the Bergan Comfort Carrier for dog and cat Fuchsia or Berry.

Unlike a classic crossbody bag, a cat bag internally has a removable bed with insert panel that gives thebag a rigid shape. In addition, ventilation is ensured thanks to the mesh. This is not the case with a classic shoulder bag in which the cat's head stays out. It can be opened from both sides or from above.  

The flexible carrier for cats bag or rigid carrier for cats

For your short trips, you can make do with a soft material transport bag such as the Sherpa Deluxe Dog and Cat Carrier. If you have to travel a short distance by car , choose a Solvit cat Car Seat or if that's right for you a Wahl Waterproof Pet Car Seat Cover.

Transport bags made of rigid material are, on the other hand, suitable for long-distance travel . Your cat will feel right at home in a bag like the Sky Kennel Petmate Rigid Carrier. 

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