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Beds and Cushions

Cat beds and cushions

There are several variations of beds and cushions for cats . The most common are boxes, caves, baskets, etc. You must in no case neglect the cozy little nest of your cat, big sleeper. Indeed, he will probably spend 15 to 18 hours there every day. So, you will have to choose for your feline a comfortable round bed for cats and cushions that he can arrange as he pleases to feel better and rest .

Why buy a bed and cushions for your cat ? 

Tired of the morning's chase games, the cat will tend to take a break to regain strength. It will be like that throughout the day.

Also, so that your feline does not find himself lying around on your sofa, on your furniture to get a little sleep , you will benefit from having a cozy bed installed for him, very comfortable and perfectly designed to allow him to monitor the surroundings. It won't be easy at first, but over time he will get used to it.

So, apart from his litter and his tree, he will have a second home , a cozy cushion of his own ?   

Choose a cat bed according to its shape or style

Your cat's bed can feature classic geometric shapes or take original shapes such as a suction cup.

Cat bed shapes

It's obvious that your cat boyfriend deserves the best. He hardly disturbs, makes little noise and doesn't like to be bothered. This is one more reason to offer it its little cocoon of comfort and security .

The cat bed or cushion with rim is, for example, a bed that has a certain charm. Discover the Precision pet products beige and teal Snoozzy pet bed here. The well-padded interior will provide your cat with total comfort.

A cat bed or pillow can be square and rectangle. You will easily find in our shop a cozy petit wood bed for small animals, including your cat. 

If your cat loves anything round, it would be best to give her a Round and Oval pillow. This form of bed is practical for cats of small stature . Your little cat or kitten will surely love it in a K&H very small animal spleeper mod bed or in a K&H medium huggy nest bed for animals.

There is also a form of bed called the black and gray house for small dogs and cats.

Other accessories for cat beds

The main cat bed accessory is the cat mattress especially when you have had a house set up for your cat . Indeed, when your cat has a box as a house or a basket , you must put this accessory that is comfortable for him.

A cat blanket and mat are also essential when you have a cat at home. These are accessories that you can put at his disposal in winter so that he does not catch a cold if he feels like lying down on the tiled floor of the house. In normal weather, you can spread them on your furniture to protect them from the dirt that your cat can drag on it. The carpet also protects your furniture from scratches . The best are those that are slip resistant. As for blankets, preferably choose fleece and anti-allergenic ones .

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