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Cat litter box and litter

The cat litter box is a useful accessory for your pet. Indeed, like any animal, your domesticated feline that consumes food must at one time or another make droppings. It is in the normal order of things. Also, it is important that you get your cat used to urine and dejection in a suitable cage. This goes to good hygiene of your cat's toilet .

The different types of cat litter boxes

The cat litter box is a highly hygienic toilet house that allows your pet to live in a clean, healthy environment free from all infections. Indeed, when you know the legendary cleanliness of the cat, there is something to pay particular attention to when choosing its litter. Essentially, there are several types of cat litter.

Cat litter box with cover or without cover

There are basically two types of cat toilet house. This is the tray open litter and the tray closed litter . Both have their advantages.

Concretely, you will find in the catalog of your store, litter with edges or not, litter of circular or rectangular shape. Some masters will choose a tray taking into account the preferred color of their cats. The closed cat litter box prevents odors that may come from the litter box from filling a room or any part of the house. The other direct advantage, no less important, is that it constitutes a strong protection against the curiosity of young children who might be tempted to touch the droppings. In addition, apart from the cleanliness that reigns inside and around the litter box, it is a type of litter that guarantees cats a strong privacy. On the other hand, your cat might prefer an open cat litter box. Your feline may be afraid of enclosed spaces and dislike a closed litter box because they are claustrophobic or feel vulnerable. It is a choice of litter which, however, has certain advantages.

First of all, from an economic point of view, it is a cat accessory that can cost you the modest sum of 10 €. Besides, you don't have much choice if your feline is a kitten . Acquiring a completely different type of bac for him would be detrimental to his young bones. He could easily get hurt. It is also this type of tank that is recommended when you have an aging cat suffering from rheumatism. Moreover, you will realize soon enough that this type of bin is compact. Some models are designed with an anti-splash rim .

Cat litter with filter

When covered, the majority of litter box models are equipped with an odor filter that protects the house and the interior of the litter box from urine and droppings odors. The filters fitted to the cat toilet houses are charcoal filters and are hidden in the crate. We mainly distinguish the toilet houses with classic filter or folding filter . The former are delivered with a hinged door or a Petmate cat flap and a cover. If you acquire one, it will still be easy to clean your cat's litter box by pulling off the top and bottom of the litter box. The second are delivered with, in addition to the hinged door, a hinged cover. Here, the cleaning operation takes place in a completely different way. You won't need to separate the top and bottom of the litter box. All these models, whether classic or folding, facilitate hygiene and cleaning of toilet houses. Your cat will be able to get comfortable and not hold any urine, for example. Houses come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, and generally come at an affordable price.

Cat litter cleaning utilities

Cleaning a litter box is essential and should be done on a regular basis. Other utilities that come with the litter include a litter box bag and shovel To ensure a completely hygienic cleaning, it is advisable to bring a litter scoop . They are usually made of plastic. With such a tool, easy to store, you will have no trouble getting rid of your cat's droppings. The other utility you may need is the litter box bag. For people with very little time, this is the useful accessory to have around the house. In two or three steps, you can empty the litter into the trash can. Result : no dirt in the house, no risk of infection for you and your feline.

Other cat accessories for optimal hygiene

There are many essential products for cleaning cat houses. We recommend the new Pure Oxy from Wood Wayant , a powerful urine cleaner based on hydrogen peroxide that neutralizes odor and stains that cat urine can generate. For your outings, PoochPants reusable diapers for your cat are an ideal choice. The diaper brand of the same name manufactures high-quality eco-friendly pants for cats and dogs that can be washed over 300 times . It is a utility suitable for toilet training and menstruation management. In addition, this hygienic and absorbent PoochPants female cat diaper is environmentally friendly and washable. It protects against incontinence and mainly odors thanks to a Microfine fiber technology.

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