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Collars, Harnesses and Leashes

Collars and harnesses for cats

Cat collars and harnesses are both must-have accessories when traveling or controlling your cat's movements . Both have definite advantages. For your cat who loves walks, you can finally make up your mind or, failing that, bring both.      

A cat collar for what ? 

The cat collar is originally a fashion accessory to make it more beautiful and give it a special look. Even today, with a blue necklace with precious stones for cats, Li'l Pals, we can see that the situation has not changed. A luminous type leash from the same brand would go well with such a collar. However, the necklace is used for more than to embellish your feline.

In fact, by choosing to put a collar around your pet's neck, you make sure to control his movements wherever you are and to walk in complete safety . Attempts to escape, especially when there are too many people, are thus limited. In addition, the risks of crushing and theft of your cat are greatly avoided.

How to choose a collar for your cat?

Collars for cats, there are some on the shelves of our shop. And if you're having trouble finding yourself, that's okay. There are a multitude of necklaces made with different materials. It is also difficult to find yourself in the midst of such innovative types and brands of collars as the famous flea collars.

The different types of cat collar  

Concretely, we will distinguish the necklaces with medal and bell. It is a very trendy type of collar and very well appreciated by the masters of the felines. Thanks to the noise emitted by the bell or the bell , it is easy to spot the cat, of course when it is in motion.

Side coin, you will be spoiled for choice as the offer is multiple. You will find, for example, the NHL CANADIENS de MONTRÉAL Medal for animals, the Medal for dogs, bone-shaped or the Medal for dogs and cats, fashion crown, etc. Better yet, it is quite possible to have your name and phone number engraved on this locket. 

Regarding the material of manufacture, there are creations of cat collars based on Nylon Fabrics, resistant and light. Other models of collars are made with synthetic materials such as the Collar with buckle and imitation leather jewel for dogs or cats.

If you like your cat to wear the most beautiful, it is always possible to give him a collar made with another synthetic material known as Ultra-suede.  

The other criteria for choosing a cat collar relate to the size of the cat . You don't have to worry whether your cat is too big or too big or rather tiny. You are bound to find a necklace that fits her neck. All you have to do is put on an adjustable collar equipped with an anti-choke system or a safety clip

If like many people you love electronic gadgets , there are some cutting edge necklaces you can put around your cat's neck. Hold on ! You can choose between the collar (35 cm to 53 cm) Night Walker illuminated red with rechargeable LED from LifeGear or the GPS beacon. The very first allows to detect the cat in the dark night and the second, to track it. 

Leashes for collars and harnesses for cats : which materials to favor ?  

For many customers, choosing a leash receives the same attention as choosing a collar or cat harness. This choice is necessarily linked to its material of manufacture and its resistance to wear and stretching. The most common leashes are made of leather. There are also nylon and fabric leashes perfectly suited to collars of the same material. You can finally equip yourself with a metal leash, appreciated for its resistance. Foot leashes with a tether cable or stake can allow you to securely secure your cat to the ground in the playpen, for example.        

Choosing a harness for your cat

A harness should be chosen based on the shape and size of the cat. The measurements such as the chest circumference, the neck circumference and the length of the back of the cat should be taken into account before making a choice. If the harness has straps , this could not be more satisfactory since you can adjust it as your pet grows.

Find in our shop the black adjustable harness for cats in 8 Size Right Coastal. There are other H-shaped harnesses or the V-shaped harness such as the Hunter Pink Nylon Cat Harness (adjustable) renowned for its unparalleled comfort. 

Also find here the Petsafe 3 in 1 Harness and retaining clip (attachment point in front and on the back) very resistant. The material used is a reflective material and perfectly visible at night. The device has 5 adjustment points and is padded with neoprene which provides the cat with total comfort. However, this is not to mention the resistance of harnesses made of cotton .

In any case, the choice of a harness is yours. You know better than anyone the size, shape and material that gives your cat comfort and ease.  

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