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Health and care

Cat care and health

The immediate or external environment of the cat can be a vector of viruses and microbes which are detrimental to its health. Thus, during his long life as a cat, your pet can easily contract, by shovel, diseases that gradually affect his immune system .

Cat diseases and conditions can sometimes be fatal. There are, however, maintenance and health care as well as food hygiene whose daily implementation in the life of the cat guarantees a certain longevity.

Common diseases in cats

The allergy is one of the most common health problems in cats. We have allergic asthma in particular listed as a type I allergy or immediate hypersensitivity. Other type III allergies such as allergic vasculitis or allergy to flea bites, resulting in nodules on the back, causing serious inflammation on the skin. 

Allergy to pollen or perfumes can also be a factor of discomfort. The most dangerous and common allergies are food related and can cause diarrhea, sudden itching and vomiting .

Fleas and moths are a major cats health problem that owners and cats alike have to fight hard against to not get bitten and sucked until death. These parasites (Ctenocephalides felis) , biting insects, are rather tenacious and live at the expense of their hosts. The bad thing is that they can, once they cling to your tomcat, live there indefinitely, from generation to generation. It is therefore urgent to break the cycle of flea eggs and larvae 

The tooth problems in cats are another health problem for your friend. They can support cats over 4 years old. The immediate consequences are difficulty in chewing and therefore in eating, bad breath and profuse salivation 

In addition, overeating or making your kitty consume foods that are not part of his diet can cause serious digestive problems (vomiting, behavioral disorders, diarrhea, etc.). We can also count the abscesses and skin infections that are source of irritation and itching of the skin and coat.

Cat health care

Health care should be taken very seriously to safeguard the health of your feline. The periodic visit to the veterinarian is non-negotiable. Cat health care also involves preventive and healthy living measures .

The hygiene of life in cats

To ensure a healthy lifestyle for your cat, it is useful that you know all the allergenic elements that can be the cause of irreversible physical illness for your cat. You should also coax your domestic feline into the toothbrushing ritual with Fresh Now Breath Tropiclean Tooth Cleansing Gel for cats. It is a powerful product which gives your cat a good breath, removes plaques and tartar. 

To rid your Cats fleas, you can opt for an Anti-fleas and mites, collar for fleas and ticks on cats, Hartz. You can also use the Tick Tweezer in two sizes

To heal wounds and sores , the best course of action might just be to put on your twink an Elisabeth Cat Collar to keep him from scratching.

For the protection of your cat's pads , adopt the Pawmagik, 75 ml from the Muttluks brand. This cat paw product protects your cat from snow, ice and calcium.

Wellness cream, hairballs for cats, Baci + will help your cat to have beautiful hair on a daily basis and to prevent hair loss .

Give your cat a Cat Supplement, Brewer's Yeast 200 tablets. You will thus avoid nervousness, stress intestinal digestive disorders , etc. All of this is possible because this product helps strengthen your immune system.

In addition, the good health of your cat must take into account the regular intake of Probiotic for senior cats, Novanimal 100g and dewormers such as Dewormer for My Healthy Pet 30 capsules from Holistic Blend. These two products contribute to the good health of your cat's digestive system and intestines. 

Treatments for the good health of your cat

When your cat refuses to submit to any oral hygiene ritual , you must ensure that he receives dental treatment from his veterinarian. This is the minimum you can do to avoid dental problems in the future.

If your cat is malnourished , you can serve Bio Vites for animals, 400 g., BiologicVet. A regular dose of 400g over 50 days and your cat will be more vigorous than ever. It is a complementary source of vitamins and nutrients 

For much more in-depth care, you need to take your cat to the vet for testing and treatment.

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