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Cat tree toys

Cats are eternal players, always looking for new challenges in their immediate environment. Your cat certainly needs a scratching post or a mouse toy to let off steam and socialize . Just buy him one and watch his reaction. He might or might not like your gift at all.  

However, very few apartment cats resist the urge to jump on a gift as original as a cat tree. For them, it will be an opportunity to have a good time alone or in the company of their peers.

Why is it important to buy a cat tree for your feline? 

Whether they are adults or just infants, cats have a natural propensity to indulge in play. Indeed, there are very few cats that manage to keep sight of the sight of a feathered cat with bell. , for example.

In fact, aside from the few sprints they indulge in with the house rats , the cat tree gives cats some play time where they can just have fun and maintain their physical shape . They will also be able to work on their muscles , their flexibility, their agility and reactivity. If there are several of them, all is well.  

A cat tree is, apart from the litter, another home for the cat. Very quickly, he will mark the territory as his own and will now consider you as a stranger that he can welcome when it suits him. On the tree, perched high, it will observe its environment, let off steam and sharpen its claws .

The criteria for choosing a cat tree

Long before choosing a cat tree for your feline, it is important to consider a number of criteria to provide them with a fun space . It is also essential that this space has all the amenities and an optimal level of security 

A stable and comfortable tree for your cat

A cat tree should be safe for your pet . A poorly tied structure would fall quickly enough under the claws and the leaps of the cat. This is why you need to be reassured of its solidity and balance, whether the playing area is hung on the wall or placed on the ground. If you plan to adopt a flock of cats, the structure should be resistant to shaking 

The comfort of your pet requires the purchase of a device adapted to its age and its activities. An adult cat is sure to appreciate a complex structure while an aging cat or kitten will appreciate a simple device. In any case, the purchase of a scratching post could enhance his games. 

For more fun, offer your kitty an original play area with tubes or tunnels, cabins and why not stairs to go up and down. You can also offer him a noisy electronic rodent or a balloon. You must also arrange a little hiding place for your cat so that he can take his naps oh! How many so many. 

Materials and manufacturing dimensions

A wooden cat tree is, by far, preferable to any other cat perch material. Of course, there are bamboo cat devices, but very few masters buy them for their felines. 

Regarding the dimensions of the device, they depend on the dimensions of the interior of the house . The devices that exist on the market vary between 35 cm and 3 m in height. A word of advice: avoid devices that are too high for your old cat or for your kitten.

Accessories to install on the cat tree

There are a multitude of accessories that accompany the cat trees. For example, you can have feather or fur toys installed that are very attractive to cats. The sight of a tightly tied and swaying rope is also a good stimulus for any type of feline.

Installing an interactive treat dispenser is a great idea to reward your feline's efforts. If he is aware of it, he will redouble his efforts to resolve the difficulties of the games offered to him. This type of toy can just be a crispy vinyl treat ball.

For your kitten's teething , you can provide her with a catnip infused cat teething toy. You can hang stuffed rodents on plastic spring toys, or put jute cat toys (rabbit or owl) on either side of the device. To spice up the chases, roll a padded rodent, with a bell and imprisoned in a metal cage.

Some cat toys are also distinguished by their felt texture. We find in particular white , blue mice yellow fish , etc. Also, don't forget to have an anti-scratch cat tape installed to protect the integrity of the trees or a natural sisal cat mat 

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