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Treats and catnip

Treats and Catnip for cats

In many households, the cat is a very popular animal, enjoying very special treatment. The well-being and growth of this feline companion are often a priority for his owners who do not hesitate to please him with tasty treats, rich in vitamins and also catnip. Discover, through this article, the best treat products on the market and the benefits that consuming catnip has for the happiness of your cat.

The best treat products on the market

For their well-being, cats need foods containing protein from meat or fish, amino acids such as taurine and arginine (from meat or fish), fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and water. The treats contain enough nutrients to help your cat thrive. These are cat treats .

There are ready-made treats on the market. But you can also buy ingredients and cook those recipes that cats love, though cooking for your cat is often not an easy task. Apart from the kibble, your cat will surely have fun with recipes such as salmon treats, mackerel recipes, brown sauce, etc. 

The best treats on the market come from brands like Foufoucat, Cosmic Gold, Kong, Turbo, Van Ness, Our Pets . One of the items needed for a cat is catnip. These young shoots of grasses or tigernuts for cats offer a lot of benefits for them.

What is catnip ? 

Already, note that there is a difference between catnip and catnip. The first is a set of plants which cannot be consumed, but which can produce euphoric effects in cats when they are found in their environment. The second is consumable and includes grasses or tigernuts such as wheat, oats, rye, barley, etc.

The benefits of catnip

The cat is certainly a carnivore, but it also needs to stock up on plants. Indeed, while licking itself, the cat swallows large masses of hair which can have harmful effects in the long term health plan and cause intestinal obstruction. Catnip then helps regulate the cat's digestion. 

Its function is to purge your cat's digestive system. By consuming catnip, swallowed hairballs are easily spat out by your cat. The grass wraps around the furballs and comes out without much risk to the cat. Not giving your feline catnip can force it to consume poisonous plants such as lily of the valley, tulip, yucca, ficus and especially lily in your apartment. This therefore exposes it to serious dangers.

The nutrient supply of catnip

Catnip is not that rich in vitamins and minerals. However, it does contain nutrients that are not always present in cat treats. These are the B vitamins and fiber. However, excess in everything is harmful. Please regulate the consumption of catnip to avoid possible deficiency in the traditional diet of your cat.

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