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Dog carrier bags

The intimacy between you and your pooch becomes more and more pleasant. You can't take a long walk without it. Drag him? It naturally seems tiring. Do you want to travel by car or plane? You can travel light with the dog carrier bag. Even for dogs that weigh up to 15 kilos, you now have suitable (stomach) bags. Discover here the transport bags in their different varieties for you and your faithful companion. 

The different types of dog carrier bags

The trend has now turned. Previously, these were the cages that dog owners use to go out with their dogs. But this solution turned out to be inconvenient to make room for transport bags. These give you the leisure to travel with your four-legged friend without any difficulty. They offer great ease to your lifelong companion.

There are several types on the market : 

The dog handbag

Designed with style in the background of patterns and colors that bring out all its elegance, the dog handbag allows you to rigid transport your dog giving him great comfort in his position. It is most often used by women. This type of bag is more adaptable for short trips and also for small dogs since it does not weigh a lot.

The kangaroo bag

With the kangaroo bag, you have the possibility of carrying your dog at abdomen height as kangaroos do for their children. Thus, you have the possibility of monitoring your animal and offering you more freedom in your travels. It's good when you prefer your dog to be in front.

The dog backpack

It's a bag that gives you all the comfort you deserve when you're on the go. It allows you to carry your lifelong friend at the back level.

The wheeled bag

This type of bag is very practical for its transport. The wheeled bag can sometimes perform the same function as the backpack for dog.

In addition, in the event that it would be a trip on the plane, you must necessarily buy a dog carrier bag which, necessarily, meets a certain number of criteria. It must be approved for your dog to travel with you. 

Which brands to choose for your dog carrier bag ? 

Several tested brands are present on the market today for their resistance, ease of use and ventilation with the airplane test. These are the brands : Bergan Happy Trails , one For Pets Outward Hound Pet Gear . We can also cite Petmate Solvit Sherpa and Wahl . The bags of these different brands are suitable for all modes of transport with small animals. You have the possibility to fold them and take them apart more easily. 

In these brands there are models that most dog owners love. It is possible to find dog carrier bags for all budgets. You just have to measure your dog and offer him a transport bag adapted to his size. 

In all positions (standing, sitting and lying), the dog carrier bag offers the ease your dog needs to hit the road with you. You will be able to do all the trips and all the hikes you want.

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