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Bones and Treats

Bones and Treats for dog and puppy

Treats are an integral part of everyday life for most pets. Therefore, dogs are given small treats as a reward, training or for fun . However, what types of treats are suitable for dogs? This article answers that question.

Dog food

Dogs are animals that need a balanced, easily digestible diet for their health. Thus, they can be fed with foods prepared at home with vegetables and cereals rich in nutrients accompanied by fruits. Likewise, it is possible to feed them with a mash, with a dehydrated treat or a dry food.

The amount of food takes into account the breed of the dog, its age, size, build and especially its state of health. All of these parameters allow the rapid growth of small dogs and better health of senior dogs. However, in addition to a healthy and balanced diet, don't dogs need little treats at times?

The different types of products sold (dog treats)

Treats aren't about replacing staples , but rather rewarding dogs. They are also used as dressing tools for the latter. As treats we note : 

Treats for fun

The treats that are given to dogs are a way to train them or to show them more love. Thus, it is possible to give dogs bully sticks , treats such as biscuits , dog food . Nevertheless, the natural and tender treat is to be preferred as the best treat for the health of dogs. Thus, freeze-dried raw foods , turkey biscuits , beef jerky , fish or even hare and rabbit are perfect examples of meat treats.

Likewise, there are natural treats for dogs with duck or chicken. The treats without beans with pork , especially with liver roasted pork , are also recommended for dogs that are healthy.

In addition, treats made with organic fresh mint reduce anxiety and digestive disorders in dogs. Because mint is an antioxidant. The peanut butter and yogurt are very appreciated by puppies and are very rich in protein and healthy fats .

 As for fruits or vegetables , it is carrots , broccoli , rich in fiber, which are treats that have no negative consequences on the health of dogs. On the other hand, onions , grapes are to be avoided as treat foods .

Training treats

Some treats allow dogs to train, run, have fun and protect their health from possible illnesses. So, there are types of toys that make dogs very happy. This is the case, for example, of a natural leather bone and a bleached leather bone which are small toys necessary for the oral health of dogs. Indeed, while entertaining the animal for hours, they clean its teeth, massage its gums and keep it away from anxiety.

Likewise, a cookie can be installed inside dog toys so that the animal can have fun during an animal game before eating its treat. It increases his appetite with animal parts as a treat. A dental toy is highly recommended for dogs who destroy everything. Thus, such a toy promotes the improvement of the dog's oral hygiene, especially when the latter likes to nibble.

In short, several types of dog treats exist such as dog toys, treats as well as certain fruits. These treats help keep dogs healthy.

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