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Bowls and Drinkers

Dog drinking bowls

Do you have a gluttonous type dog, which swallows its food at cruising speed? Have you ever thought of giving him a drinking bowl specially adapted for dogs? It's not too late yet. You still have the option of making the program for the list of gifts to give to your lifelong friend for the holidays. Let's take a detour into the world of dog drinking bowls.

Dog's eating behavior : a criterion for choosing a drinking bowl 

For your choice of drinking bowl , your dog's feeding schedule has an impact. Naturally, there are some dogs that tend to swallow their food, and this increases the risk of food swelling. In this case for example, a slow feeding bowl can do the trick. This device has ridges, patterns in several compartments. This assumes that your dog still has to work a little harder to feed, chew and then swallow slowly.

Types of dog drinking bowls

Several models of drinking bowls are present on the market, which makes the choice difficult. However, you have the option of using the selections we have made for your dogs according to their eating habits.

The non-slip bowl

The non-slip bowl is made to last with its sturdy stainless steel design. Its base guarantees the stability of the bowl so that it does not tip over when the dog first uses it. These bowls are very hygienic, dishwasher safe. These bowls come in a variety of sizes.

The anti-greedy bowl

You have dogs who have a very strong passion for food. This greed is accompanied by eating too fast. This is where the use of an anti-greedy bowl is interesting. It is designed to help your dog improve his digestion.

The boiler-shaped bowl

The boiler- shaped bowl is an ideal device during transport. It is easy to handle and store. It is easy to hang on a door, cage, fence. For the holidays or a visit to a loved one, this choice is perfect. It is very practical, transportable bowls and stowable thanks to its handle. This bowl is perfect for food and water.

The electronic bowl / fountain

The electronic bowl is designed for households that include multiple pets to prevent them from stealing food and water from each other. It is ideal for your dog, especially when he is on a diet or if you are watching his weight. Your dog will now live happily because he has the microchip permanently stored in his memory. 

The raised bowl

If you watch your dog closely, you should find that he is going down to eat or drink. This position is very harmful to his health. For old dogs, for example, you risk worsening their osteoarthritis pain naturally, because of their age. The solution to limiting these problems to your friend is probably the raised bowl which is easy to adjust to his size.

Beyond these models, you can also find bowls in bottle , container , double , filter , gravity. Others are in a training pouch , and quite simple . There are also portable bowls . 

The best brands of dog drinking bowls

There are plenty of brands of dog drinking bowls on the market. But, the trending ones can be counted at your fingertips. They are Aspen Pet , Bergan , Clix Animals , Coastal , Dexas , Drinkwell , Hunter, Iris , Lap-it-up , K9 , Maslow , Muttlouks . There are also other brands that give you the ability to customize your canine device. These are Outdoor Dog, Outward houd , Petmate , Petsafe , Remington , RC pet and the Stefanplast brand . These signs meet all the needs in terms of drinking bowls for your dogs.

Your dog needs enough attention to be happy. Apart from hugs, care, food, it is ideal to offer him a suitable drinking bowl.


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