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Education and Cleanliness

Dog cleanliness education

When your puppy arrives home, whether you like it or not, their training and potty training begins automatically. Your doggie is already getting into the habit of urinating and defecating all over the house. This can sometimes irritate you and lead you to beat him up. 

No, you don't need a magic wand to make things right. It's just a set of rules and methods that must be applied. Together, we'll take a look at how to train your dog , the different types of training, and dog cleanliness marks to use for your furry friend .

Train your dog: simple and gentle tips

The education of your dog starts with the orders that you give him for his training (sit, down, stay). It is scientifically proven that in order to teach your dog the command to " sit ", your dog must stay in front of you. When it tends not to come simultaneously, you must approach it very slowly (to make it come thanks to its leash) to do it at the desired place. 

By doing this, you are already making your four-legged friend understand that he must obey you. You can offer him a treat that you will place in front of his nose. You now tell him " sit " as you lift the treat above his head. Put your hand on his hindquarters to make him sit up in case he pulls back. Automatically, you reward him.   

However, if your friend is peeing in the house in front of you, all you have to do is lift them up by the front paws so that they stop urinating. Then you tell him " No " or " Not there " and you drop him off where you would like him to defecate. By repeating these habits, you train your dog to obey you.    

What types of education should I use for my dog ? 

For there to be a good relationship between you and your dog , you must first think of a motivation (offer of rewards) before moving on to a gradual removal of it to keep only his obedience. This is reflected in the types of education following :  

·                       Barking ; 

·                       Learning ; 

·                       Cat flap ; 

·                       Fugue ; 

·                       Bite and safety;

·                       Cleanliness ; 

·                       Urine cleaner.

Caress, food, voice, looks, these are all things in the service of these types of education.

Learn to clean his dog : how ?  

Potty training your dog is very simple things you must do on a daily basis. This learning begins from the moment your doggie enters the house. The first lever of such dog learning is to get used to anticipating its needs. Know that, every two hours, he must have the opportunity to relieve himself. Note: your dog ( puppy or adult dog ) tends to look around for a spot that seems suitable.

To do this, make a habit of always taking your dog out after he has finished eating or drinking and giving him the order to urinate. Give him rewards when he complies. In case there is a puddle of urine in the bedroom, don't scold him, unless you catch him red-handed. You only have to clean in his absence so that he does not take it as a game. To get there, choose the best brands of cleanliness .

What marks of cleanliness for my dog ? 

Whether a house dog or an apartment dog, the potty fight isn't just about your routine. But, it is also in the choice of cleanliness marks that you make. You can choose among others for Advance, Baskeville, Clix Animals, Coastal, Dry paws, Li'L pals, Oxy pur, PadLockker, Petmate, Petloo, Petsafe, Poochpad, Pouchpants, Poopbags, Proguard, Puppy Training Set.  

There is also Remington, Sprenger, SportDog, Turf Dog Potty, Urine Off, Wahl, Dog training. These are brands that offer you items adapted to your dog's need for cleanliness .

Education, cleanliness ... your doggie needs your involvement to get into the habit of obedience.


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