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Dog health care

Known as man's best friend , the dog is arguably the most beloved pet . This faithful companion shows a particular attachment and loyalty to his master whose duty is to feed and maintain him as best he can. As such, this article will give you some advice to take better care of your dog in order to ensure good health.

Why maintain your dog? 

The maintenance of the dog begins with the maintenance of his hygiene . This will require frequent skin and coat grooming and dental cleaning to ensure better health for your dog.

Aside from maintaining hygiene, there are several other essential factors to consider to ensure the maintenance of your poodle. You will have to control his power , so that it is fed with food of quality that can provide the necessary nutrients and facilitate the digestion . It will be your responsibility to ensure that these foods do not trigger an allergy reaction in your dog that may cause itching or irritation problems.

Maintaining your dog is undoubtedly the best way to allow him to thrive , good health and a long life expectancy

Taking care of your dog: what types of products to favor ?  

Thanks to the advance of veterinary medicine , several products and accessories have emerged, aimed at supporting you in maintaining the well-being of your dog.

The best dog food and nutritional supplements

It is certain that food is the main factor in the well-being of any living creature. Dogs are therefore no exception to the rule. You will need to provide your four-legged friend with a healthy and balanced diet . The Now extremely nutritious dog food, very popular on the market, will be perfect for this mission. You can also use a dog food supplement such as Biologicvet or Holistic Blend , two products that continue to stand out for their effectiveness.

Pest control and intestinal treatment products

Parasites are very harmful to the organism of both dogs and humans. The presence of these worms in dogs is usually manifested by vomiting and diarrhea followed by weight loss . To cure or prevent this disease, it is advisable to regularly administer a dewormer to the dog. Using a probiotic such as Novanimal will protect your dog's body from pathogenic bacteria.

Protection and security accessories

For walking, car transport, or for special problems (such as a handicap), some accessories are specially designed to assist your dog and ensure his safety. For example, we have Muttluks , dog shoes made to protect the paws protection of your faithful companion from the cold snow or the aridity of hot soil.

For dogs with disabilities or with joint problems, it is recommended to use an assistance harness to help them walk better without enduring pain that could possibly worsen their case. Apart from the assistance harnesses, there is still the safety harness , such as Canin Friendly , intended to keep your dog safe while traveling by car. For puppies or for smaller dogs, we will recommend travel baskets such as Solvit , combining comfort and safety.

Grooming and other products

Flea and moth lotions or products are essential in providing your dog with protection against parasites. In this area, it is advantageous to use quality products like Citrobug or Hartz , which are known to protect dogs against infection due to microbes.

Always with the aim of ensuring the well-being of your poodle, there are accessories such as Thunderworks masks that can soothe your pet's nervousness, or even Outward hound dog toys .



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