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Collar, Harness and Leashes

Dog harness collars

When you usually have a new pet in your household, you need to think about their comfort first. This undoubtedly has an impact on his relationship with you and family members. Among the canine devices, there are some that are used to walk it : the collar and the harness. You are perhaps hesitating about your choice between these two possibilities ? What are their advantages ? With our experience, this article sheds light on the subject.    

Collars for dogs : what specificities ?  

Whether you are in town or in a remote area, it is mandatory that you keep your dog on a leash. It must be tied for obvious reasons of protection and also for reasons of politeness towards people who do not wish to come into contact with this animal. So you can decide to walk your loyal friend with a necklace.

Indeed, choosing a collar is desirable for your dog for several reasons. Imagine walking into the house and your dog decides to take a walk around town on his own to stretch his paws. The simple fact that he wears a collar with the mention of your phone number will always be appreciated by any individual who could possibly cross his path. You can use the collar to attach the leash, repel pests, and spot your friend in the dark. There are several brands that allow your dog to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. Among others, it is about :   

·                       Canine Equipment

·                       Comfort Soft ; 

·                       Hunter ; 

·                       Coastal

·                       Lifegear

·                       Li'I Pals ; 

·                       Outward Hound ; 

·                       Petsafe

·                       Pretty Paws ; 

·                       RC Pets ; 

·                       Solvit

·                       The company ofg Animals ; 

·                       Winterson ; 

·                       Zinco.

What types of collars for your dogs ? 

A variety of collars are offered on the market by pet stores, and each has its function. Depending on your dog's traits, you can choose from the following types: 

·                       Necklace with Medal and Bell ; 

·                       Safety collar ;

·                       Leather collar ;

·                       Collar in fabric or nylon ;

·                       Leatherette ;

·                       Ultra-suede collar .

What about the harness ? 

Unlike the collar, the choice of harness is an option that is dictated by the dog's personality, his activities and his daily requirements. It is neither an obligation nor a prohibition. To make the choice, it is important to observe your cani companion to better understand his characters and behavior. This helps you to choose a harness that is better suited to its specificities.

The reason many owners prefer a harness for their four-legged friend is because they tend to pull on the leash. And when a dog adopts this behavior while wearing a collar, the neck and the surrounding area bear all the strain exerted during the walk. This gives him great discomfort. The advantage with the harness is the possibility of better distributing the tension on other areas of the body (shoulders and chest) of your dog. The harness also ensures its safety during your walks in traffic when it is on a leash.  

What types of harnesses for your dogs?

The harness, of course, does not have only one form. There are different types that allow your to breathe easier and stay comfortable. The choice is based on your use. You have the choice between :  

·                       Anti-traction ;

·                       Band harness ;

·                       Harness with plastron ;

·                       Leather and leatherette harness ;

·                       Nylon and fabric harness ;

In addition, the choice of your leash must be adapted to the canine accessory (collar or harness). Depending on the behavior of the dog and the need, you can choose between a coupler , a light , a multi-function , a stake , tether cable and also for Sport if you intend to practice cani cross.

All of this contributes not only to your dog's safety but also to his well-being. Do not hesitate to inform yourself more to choose between the collar and the harness for your faithful companion.


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