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Ramp and stairs

Ramps and stairs for dogs

The physical disadvantages do not only belong to the domain of men. Animals like dogs are also sometimes handicapped . It is therefore important to provide them with the appropriate means and tools that can enable them to overcome their handicaps. Speaking of medium, we have dog ramps and stairs . Through this article, we present their different types, their qualities and the benefits of their uses for dogs.

The different types of dog ramps and stairs 

On the market for selling dog supports and ladders, there are three main types, namely : the telescopic ramp, the swimming pool ramp and the mobile staircase. 

The telescopic ramp

It is part of the category of folding ramps . Very easy to store in the trunk of your car or in your wardrobe, it allows your faithful companion to have access to certain places deemed inaccessible. This type of ramp deploys and extends with ease.

The pool ramp

As its name suggests, it is the ideal ramp for the pool . Indeed, it allows your dog to have easy access to a pool. Since its field of operation or use is a body of water, it was precisely manufactured with materials that can effectively resist water. So this tool is either put in a swimming pool or squarely in a boat.

The mobile staircase

Finally, there is the mobile staircase which allows your dog to access places that are of a given height . It is most suitable for young dogs to make it easier for them to get on a sofa or in a car.

The quality of dog ramps and stairs

Ramps and stairs for dogs must be of good quality. As regards the points relating to their quality, there is first of all the resistance, that is to say that they must be able to adapt to the physical characteristics such as the weight for example of the dogs.

Likewise, they must be able to adapt to climatic conditions and be adjustable in order to be used in several fields and situations. In addition, ramps and stairs for dogs must be able to ensure the safety of dogs to prevent them from a possible accident. Reason why, they must be non-slip .

The benefits of dog ramps and stairs

It is important to stress that dog ramps and stairs are not essential for all your loyal companions . They are specially adapted for certain types of dogs. Usually, the dogs that need this equipment the most are older, growing dogs, or puppies.

This is because older dogs have difficulty moving or jumping from one place to another due to their advanced ages and certain joint diseases like arthropathy . Thus dog ramps facilitate their movements by making them less painful.

Then we have the fast developing puppy clan. Indeed, these puppies are part of the breed of dogs whose growth is effective just in a few months. The only catch with this growth is that it is physical and not muscular . Suddenly these young dogs are very fragile and sensitive . It is therefore important to provide them with these accessories to prevent them from joint disease and injury.

Finally, small dogs have this habit of wanting to take a nap with their master in the afternoons. Being still very young, they will have difficulty climbing or jumping on the sofa. So, your best bet is to buy a dog staircase so that they can access the bed without your help.

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