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Grooming bath

Cats and dogs grooming bath

The relationship between humans and domestic animals goes back a long way. True emotional exchange partners, these pets play an important role in human life : receptive to our emotions, they keep us company and are our best health allies. And who says health says good hygiene and well-being . Here we will talk about some of the equipment needed for dog and cat grooming, man's two favorite pets.

Why a dog and cat grooming bath?

There is a whole species of dog or cat that you can domesticate. Man's best friend, a dog can smell bad or have a dirty coat after rolling in the mud. Likewise, the cat, an animal that is careful and very rarely dirty, can be soiled by toxic or greasy products. The grooming bath is then essential, because it allows to remove the dirt of the hairs, to neutralize an odor, to fight against the parasites and other dermatological problems. Your animal will then regain its full comfort and good health. But know that it is better to get your dog or cat used to bathing From the earliest age. Compliment your pet and reassure him. This will help her have less stress and less fear of the water, which will make this time enjoyable for both of you.

Types of bath equipment available for cat or dog grooming

Several accessories are useful for carrying out the bath of your dog or cat. These various tools make it easier for you to groom your friend . Our bath equipment for grooming (for dogs or cats) includes among others:

grooming suction cup;

washing mittens for dogs;

electric grooming bath for dogs and cats;

stainless steel bath shower set;

• horizontal bath attachment for pet grooming;

durable plastic grooming bath for dogs and cats, with ramp.

And many more ! Discover all the equipment available divided into two main categories : TYPE OF BATH and BRANDS TOILETTAGE.

Quality of various equipment

The first category of bath for grooming includes Accessories , Stainless steel , Plastic and Faucets . Made of plastic (constructed from molded polypropylene) or heavy-duty stainless steel, the high-quality equipment is sturdy and water resistant. Cleaning and maintaining these modern Proguard brand constructions is simple; their appearance always remains elegant and shiny. The mitt is made of microfiber (fabric) and is machine washable.

Contribution and benefits of these modern constructions

The various equipments bring many benefits to the groomer . The grooming bath with the included faucet for example can be quickly adjusted to a comfortable working height or lowered to allow large dogs direct access to the bath effortlessly. The shampoo, more effective, will therefore be done more quickly, and without tiring the groomer who keeps his back healthy. The handy Proguard Horizontal Swim Tie features three well-spaced loops along the length of the tether that will control up to three animals simultaneously. Regarding the bath shower kit, it includes several tools including a lever, a hose, an arm mount and a shower head. In addition, a basket is included with this set to store some grooming products. The highly absorbent mitt will remove all dirt as well as mud buried in your pet's coat. So many accessories to clean your dog or cat really well.

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