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Cats are often drawn to toys with feathers because of their natural hunting instincts. The toy's feathers give the cat something to stalk and pounce on, which satisfies its need to hunt. Also, the cat feather toy is generally lightweight and easy to carry, making it a perfect toy for cats who like to play ball. Some feather toys even have bells or other noisy elements, providing another level of stimulation for curious cats. Whether your cat enjoys stalking, chasing, or just tapping on the feather toy, there's sure to be a feather toy for cats that will amuse and delight them.

SKU: SP2902

Feather Frenzy Cat Toy, Spot


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This cat feather toy is textured with cute feathers to tickle her nose. It is ideal for your kitty’s claws.

The choice is random between a bird, a butterfly or a whale.

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Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions19 × 6 × 19 cm
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