Animal hair removal

Dog hair removal does not necessarily require professional experience in dog grooming, but it is still preferable that a professional take care of it. First, it is recommended to hair the dog in the direction of the hair to avoid some sudden movements of the animal, but also to follow a certain rhythm to which the dog gets used. In addition, it is preferable to move from one area to another in a consistent manner to avoid putting too much emphasis on one surface or neglecting another. Ears are also an important part to pluck with animal tweezers.Another essential point to take into account when hair removal is to use suitable equipment, the length of which is adapted to the area to be waxed, but also to the length of the hairs. You can use by example thinning scissors for areas that are too sensitive, and notched scissors for connecting areas with long hair and areas with short hair. You can also use a hair removal powder which gives grip to your fingers during hair removal. As you will have understood, hair removal on a dog is not an easy task, but it is not an impossible mission either. The person just needs to be experienced enough, while using the right tools to do it.