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Since opening its doors in 1940, Noba Animal Co. has become known for its family-run approach to producing and marketing quality pet products. The range of products for Cateco cats is especially popular because its rugged designs and careful construction withstand the rigors of the modern pet lifestyle. With quality materials used throughout the production process and expert testing procedures, Cateco's durability offers cat owners unmatched safety and protection compared to other brands. It's no wonder so many pet owners have remained loyal to Noba Animal Co., trusting them to provide them with safe and reliable products at an affordable price.

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SKU: CL00054

Replacement aerator for litter box, Cateco, 2 units



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This Cateco brand litter box replacement aerator is designed to keep litter in the top box.

It allows air and humidity to circulate well. When servicing the bin, it is advisable to change it.

There are 2 aerators in the package.

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Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions22 × 3 × 28 cm
Code barre897438000548


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