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King Animal Grooming Disinfectant has been in business since 1947, making it one of the oldest companies in cleaning and disinfection products. King was founded with the goal of creating premium pet grooming tools capable of providing customers with a level of cleanliness above the industry standard. King's tenacity in maintaining its standards over the years is just one of the reasons the company has become a respected part of the pet grooming community. Customers can count on the reliability and efficiency of King products, which always strive to stay ahead of the curve through improvements and innovations.

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Barbicide Disinfectant Jar, King


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Barbicide King Disinfectant Jar

The Barbicide jar is used to put the diluted concentrate of Barbicide to be able to disinfect your instruments from microbes and bacteria.

The jar is 28 cm high

(The Barbicide liquid in the photo is not included, serves as an example)ple.)



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Weight1.5 kg


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