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The anti-greedy bowl for cats or dogs is a bowl specially designed to help dogs and cats eat more slowly. The way the bowl is made means the food isn't clumped in one place, allowing less to be taken at a time. The Speed Bowl for dogs and cats reduces overeating. By eating less food at each meal, your pet will be healthier and have more energy. This bowl is also ideal for meals on the go. You can easily take it with you when you travel or go on vacation. The anti-greedy bowl for dogs or cats is perfect for any pet owner who wants to help their pet stay healthy and fit.

SKU: SCG50070

Pink heart animal retarder bowl, Schum-tug


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This anti-greedy bowl for cats or dogs, pink retarder, helps with weight loss.

It also helps prevent bloating and regurgitation problems. Your pet will have fun while eating.

The bowl is pink without BHA and BHT. It is durable and can go in the dishwasher.

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Weight0.325 kg
Dimensions23 × 8 × 30 cm
Code barre681208500709


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