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The dog and cat thinning grooming scissors are an essential tool to complete the grooming process. The thinning of the coat of animals allows to improve their appearance, reduce tangles, prevent shedding or tufting, and facilitate animal care. Thinning also has a very beneficial effect on the general health of your pet's coat, allowing them to look their best under all circumstances. Proper use of thinning grooming scissors can help your pet have healthier skin and hair, as it makes brushing and combing easier by thinning the undercoat. Ultimately, these tools are very beneficial when used with the correct technique and knowledge of how to properly groom your pet.


Slimming chisel for animal grooming, Kenchii Viper, 44 teeth right-handed 7 "


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The Kenchii Viper Brand Slimming Grooming Scissor is engineered with a Grade 4 alloy blend that makes it a stronger scissor that stays sharp longer.

The Viper thinning scissor is original with its offset handle and with its double serration of 44 teeth, it allows fine to moderate thinning leaving no visible lines.

The Viper 44 tooth taper with convex edges is designed for fine finish work.

The Kenchii level 4 scissors are designed with high-end metal, cobalt and vanadium which make them durable, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant scissors.


– thinning scissors 44 teeth, length 7 inches
– offset handle
– includes oil and insert ring
-KEVI Viper model
-recommended for finishing

Attention: Make sure you have chosen the right blade or scissor model, because no clipper blade or scissor is exchangeable or refundable.

All of our scissors are tested with synthetic bristles before your order is dispatched to ensure they are perfectly sharp.

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Weight0.275 kg
Dimensions16 × 6 × 31 cm
Code barre636947538407


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