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Curved grooming scissors for dogs and cats are valuable tools for pet care. No more trying to manipulate those awkward straight scissors: the curved design makes for a much smoother and easier experience. Curved scissors allow you to obtain a better finish of the cut, with the possibility of rounding the angles quickly and precisely, which is particularly useful to minimize the tension on the animal's fur or skin. Curved grooming scissors are an invaluable part of any pet owner's arsenal because they not only make grooming easier, but also safer.

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Curved grooming scissor, Gain Grooming dragon eye 7"


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The curved Dragon Eye grooming scissor is original with its dragon head handle. Gain Grooming’s right-handed scissors from the Dragon Eye series have a semi-convex blade that is designed for precision and neat finishing work.

Gain Grooming scissors have 5 quality levels available. Made with 440C Japanese steel. Level 1 is the starting model, up to level 5 which is a scissor level for very long term performance.

The higher the level, the harder the steel of the chisel and its sharpening becomes very resistant, for long-term use before the next sharpening.

The Dragon Eye model is level 3.

Features: 7 inch straight and curved chisel, Handle with dragon finger rests, recommended for finishing and long term professional use

Attention: Make sure you have chosen the right blade or scissor model, because no clipper blade or scissor is exchangeable or refundable. All of our scissors are tested with synthetic bristles before your order is dispatched to ensure they are perfectly sharp.

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Weight0.325 kg
Dimensions13 × 6 × 31 cm


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