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The uncovered cat and dog litter box is ideal for potty training your puppy or dog. The small ledge is also ideal for kittens so they have less difficulty jumping and climbing. The litter box is easy to clean and sturdy. The without cover litter box for cats and dogs is also ecological and made from recycled materials.

SKU: LL20312

Gray Uncovered Litter Box Set with Litter Locker Scoop



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The Litter Locker Gray Colored Litter Box Set also includes a scoop.

An attractively designed uncovered litter box that matches the decor of your home.

This rounded litter box with high walls also having handles for simple and easy use, the litter box is slightly flexible.

The front height is just the right height to let the cat in and the other walls of the Litter locker box are raised to let the litter inside for the cats which expels the litter outside.

The litter scoop is designed to be attached to the box to have a clean and tidy cat toilet area.

Open litter box for better ventilation
The flexibility of the tray allows it to be set up in a confined space.
Handles make cleaning easier
The front of the box is constructed in such a way that the litter is easy to pour out when cleaning.


22.3” x 17.6” x 16”

Additional information

Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions43 × 60 × 46 cm
Code barre666594203120

1 review for Ensemble bac à litière sans couvert gris avec pelle Litter Locker

  1. Vénézia Dèlcapäne

    pratique et mignon

    beau bac à litière assez compacte et anti-dérapent.

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