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Loona is an amazing company that manufactures first-class disinfection and cleaning products order intended for professionals, thus making life easier for its customers. Loona offers a wide range of products designed to be safe for animals and the environment. Loona is particularly popular with animal groomers; the gentle yet effective nature of its products ensures that pets will not be exposed to harsh chemicals while grooming. Loona's goal is to provide convenience and safety, to the delight of pets and their owners.

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SKU: LOA69509

Odor eliminator for animal coats, Loona 500ml



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The odor eliminator eliminates osmogens which are part of bad odors. Once the smell is absorbed by the product, it will be destroyed leaving a fresh smell on your pet’s hair.

The Loona fogger is designed to be sprayed directly on your pet’s hair, do not wet the hair before applying the product and spread the product over a larger area than the targeted area.

The spray bottle is perfect for urine, cat, dog or skunk marking odors.

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Weight0.6 kg
Dimensions10 × 24 × 12 cm
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