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Keeping your pets' coat clean and healthy is an important aspect of pet ownership's responsibility. Regular brushing helps prevent tangles, while removing dirt, debris and excess hair. For these reasons, dog and cat owners should invest in a specially designed dog and cat shedding brush or comb. for moulting. This type of grooming tool has short teeth that help penetrate the undercoat where loose hair accumulates. They are excellent for thorough yet gentle grooming sessions that help reduce shedding around the house. Not only do dog and cat brushes effectively remove dead hair from the coat, they also reduce dander, which reduces itching for owners and pets alike. Investing in a quality dog ​​and cat shedding brush or comb is an essential grooming tool for all dog and cat owners. Not only will this tool make grooming easier, it will help keep the pet's coat free from knots and tangles while reducing environmental allergens in the home.

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Shedding comb for dogs and cats, short coats, Safari


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The long, smooth, rounded teeth reach deep into the undercoat, while the smaller teeth pick up loose hair. The Safari Pet Shedding Reduction Comb gently cuts through the coat.

The Safari Dog & Cat Shedding Comb reduces shedding and removes loose hair from all coat types. Featuring a contoured wooden handle, this one is designed especially for dogs with short coats but is still suitable for long coats.

Start combing from the head, working towards the tail and down the legs. Comb small sections at a time, always in the direction of hair growth, until all tangles are removed.

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