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Eye contour cleaner from animals is a product breakthrough that not only removes tear stains under pet's eyes, but also cleanses the area without irritating or exfoliating pet's skin. This unique formula removes dirt and debris in just one use, giving pet owners peace of mind knowing their pet will look and feel their best. Plus, Pet Eye Wash is safe to apply to any pet, so pet owners no longer have to worry about pet-specific cleansers harming their eyes. the health of their animal. Finally, pet owners can rely on Pet Eye Cleaner for an effective and easy solution to dog tear stains and dirt.

SKU: TC700260

Spa Eye Cleanser for Dogs and Cats, Tropiclean 8oz


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A vanilla and blueberry eye wash for your dog or cat that removes dirt and tear stains without irritating. It moisturizes and exfoliates her skin. This cleanser is ideal for all skin types. It is suitable for dogs and cats of all ages.

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Weight0.35 kg
Dimensions7 × 7 × 20 cm
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