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Have you ever noticed your cat trailing its litter box all over the house? It's not just a nuisance, it can even be dangerous for your cat if they ingest too much litter. The Cat Litter Mat is designed to help solve this problem. This mat has a unique surface that traps litter and prevents it from being carried around the house. It's also easy to clean: just vacuum or shake the mat to remove debris. The litter mat for cats is an essential accessory for any cat owner who wishes to keep her house clean and her cat safe.

SKU: OP46301

Cat Litter Mat, Omega Paw



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A mat Omega Paw for cat, under the litter box which recovers the litter which is under your cat’s paws when he comes out of his box. It allows you to have less litter on your floors. This remains in the grooves. The small spikes massage the underside of the legs to keep the litter. It is pale gray in color.

Its dimension is 13″ X 16″ X .025″ (33 cm X 41cm X 1 cm)

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Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions38 × 44 × 4 cm
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