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The tether and stake for cats and dogs allow you to enjoy the outdoors with your pet in complete peace of mind. The cable, attached to a collar or leash, is long enough for your pet to stretch its legs while being controlled. The stake, on the other hand, allows the cable to be driven into the ground so that it is well maintained. You will be able to enjoy the good weather without worrying about your pet with the tether cable and stake for cat and dog.

SKU: 076484377501

Titan II Spiral Animal Tie-Down Stake 17 Inch


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The Titan II Twist Cat and Dog Stake provides a strong and secure place to attach your pet’s cable or leash so your pet can enjoy the outdoors with peace of mind. Its robust construction ensures greater resistance and safety.

The Titan twist stake is 17 inches long (43cm)
For dogs up to 50 pounds

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Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions14 × 47 × 14 cm
Code barre076484377501


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